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Sgt. John Bruhns


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John Bruhns continued

"They said we'd be greeted as liberators. Obviously, that's not the case. I turn the news on and I see car bombs, suicide bombings, attacks on American troops, Iraqi troops, Iraqi civilians and it only seems to be getting worse. A rational person would have to take a look at this and say, 'You know what? As long as American troops stay there, it's going to continue.'" - JOHN BRUHNS

SGT. JOHN BRUHNS volunteered for the infantry after September 11th, 2001 to protect his country. He participated in the march to Baghdad in March 2003. During his 11 month tour in Iraq, his unit rounded up suspects and delivered them to Abu Ghraib prison. He also trained the new Iraqi military. John was combat promoted and honorably discharged in February 2005. Since then, he has spoken out against the war and testified to Congress about his experiences and his conviction that the reasons for going to war - WMDs, Al Qaeda, and liberating the Iraqi people - have all been proven false.

   More About John Bruhns

 John Bruhns joined the Reserves while earning his BA at DeSales University. After graduating from college and as his time in the reserves was coming to an end, 9/11 occurred and he reenlisted in the Army for active duty as an Infantryman. He invaded Iraq on day one of the invasion and served there for one year. He was stationed in West Baghdad with the 3rd Brigade, 1st Armored Division. John Bruhns was awarded the combat infantry badge and was honorably discharged in 2005. John Bruhns is the former legislative representative for Americans Against Escalation in Iraq and the former Legislative Action Coordinator for the United For Peace and Justice Coalition. He has appeared as a guest on C-SPAN's Washington Journal, CNN, and MSNBC. In addition, he is a freelance writer focusing on politics and the war in Iraq. 


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